1. March, Q1 2015

    Company incepted, Commenced operation.

  2. June, Q2 2015

    Opened to Clients.
    Completed First Application Security Testing project for Web and Android.

  3. July, Q3 2015

    Completed PoCs for custom-built web applications
    Launched one of the most informative blog sites in this space >Visit Our Blog

  4. August, Q3 2015

    Launched a purpose-built engagement model for Mobile App-based Startups.
    Value maximization by making comprehensive controls possible for modest budgets.

  5. September, Q3 2015

    Completed consulting assignment for database and content encryption for a leading document management system.

  6. October, Q4 2015

    Partnership with AlienVault
    Full capability service launch for IoT for Home Automation and Industrial Deployments.

  7. November, Q4 2015

    Completed Enterprise security for a large life sciences corporation.
    Published a research paper on Industry-wide embracement of Cyber-security in India: >Read more about it

  8. December, Q4 2015

    Successful partnerships in US and UK ( Channel and Service) MoU with partners in Middle East, APAC and Africa.

  9. Janurary, Q1 2016

    Completed Security & Data Privacy Appraisal/Review Rating for 100 Android Applications on Google Play.

  10. March, Q1 2016

    Rated as one among the 20 most promising networking and security companies in 2016 by SiliconIndia. Read more about it