Security Assessment for SCADA and ICS

When human/environmental safety and protected health information come into the picture, a lot is at stake for organizations in terms of legal requirements and compliance norms.

Be it next generation cyber attacks like Stuxnet in the oil and gas industry or MedJack in Patient Monitoring Systems, it takes pervasive threat detection practices to keep out all malware that cripples or manipulates.

With proactive system hardening, your high-value operations can remain invincible.

Security Assessment for SCADA and ICS

Factors that threaten reliability

  • Unpatched proprietary technologies
  • Inherent risks of factory defaults
  • Archaic industrial protocols and legacy systems
  • Gateway security for OT networks
  • Site-to-site VPNs and Traffic Filtering
  • Unhardened SCADA Workstation OS
  • Web technologies in control equipment
  • Wireless networking protocol vulnerabilities
  • Preserving accuracy and confidentiality of mission-critical system data.
  • Defense-in-depth approaches that are a blend of real-time threat visibility and vulnerability discovery.
  • Analyze how your machines could serve as pivot points for attackers to get to your data acquisition systems.
  • Evaluate anomaly filters and ‘air-gapping’ techniques through periodic reviews, or have your plant floors or clinical networks continuously defended by our Security Operation Center.