Network Security Assessment

Threat protection challenges have never been higher for organizations with valuable data flowing in their networks.

To handle them better, Aleph Tav Technologies provides responsive solutions to identify, understand and defend against emerging threats.

Seemingly trivial flaws in network design and access control serve as footholds in a number of multi-vector and multi-layer attacks. We bring you the kind of security awareness that helps IT teams accurately spot critical areas exposed to adverse threats.

Understand points of entry and potential for compromise like never before.

Network Security Assessment
Network Security Assessment
Network Security Assessment

Fundamental Environment Analysis

  • Asset criticality profiling for Impact Assessment
  • Data Flow Analysis and Attack Surface Mapping
  • Endpoint services and Zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Network sniffing, footprinting and probing

Advanced Threat Inspection

  • IAM, Active Directory and LDAP implementation flaws
  • NAC bypass, DNS Enumeration issues
  • Web Server Misconfiguration
  • Database Script Injection Vulnerabilities
  • Data redaction in cloud computing environments
  • IDS, Honeypot and Firewall Evasion Vectors
  • Non-compliant firewalls, misconfigured gateways or HSMs and such other indicators of exposure are examined thoroughly.
  • We also help your network admission policies remain context-aware.
  • Evaluate device communication to prepare your networking infrastructure for security audits.

Insider Behavioral Profiling

Considered the most critical of all layers of defense, your insiders can introduce threats into your corporate IT assets through negligence just as much as through malicious intent.

Credentials, intellectual property, financial details and other PII make the kind of ‘identity kits’ that the crooks try to extract using a combination of social engineering techniques.

Don’t let them trick your employees into holding a closed door open.

The ultimate cyber-security drill for all security challenges in the human layer:

  • Track down points of entry introduced by risky behavior
  • Understand your social engineering attack surface
  • Train enterprise users by showing them what could go wrong
insider behaviorial profiling

Baseline normal and acceptable behavior

  • Optimizing endpoint activity logging
  • Strategies against Social Engineering
  • Whaling and business email compromises
  • Phishing scams, Spear-phishing and Watering-hole attacks
  • Review of defenses against Trojans, Malware and Virus
  • Privileged User abuse and responsible use of access privileges
  • Identity and Access Management Review
  • Security Incident Reporting Practices and Policies
  • Elevate perceptive knowledge of your employees’ level of prudence in accessing information online.
  • Eliminate footholds for cyber attack weaponization.
  • Seamlessly integrate to enhance IT security awareness training and direct your employee online behavior sensitization efforts.


With every device that enters your enterprise, your IT personnel can expect an influx of new threats that warrant a overhaul in their defenses. A vast knowledge of newly-surfacing threats linked to mobile and other portable devices is essential to grasp the nettle.

Besides, mature governance policies are needed for the establishment of a safe environment for harmonious use of personal devices.

Actuating a successful mobile device management program is now no longer a hurdle.

  • Using the pervasive threat information we compile for your enterprise devices, we objectively measure the effectiveness of existing security controls.
  • Your mobility risk management policies can be stress-tested to evaluate their pertinence.