Application Security Testing

Web Application Security Testing

Websites and internet-facing software applications are prime targets of cybercrime with intents of identity theft, data breach, service disruption and theft of intellectual property. Besides, Malware writers target any web application to mount malvertising and drive-by attacks.

We perform multi-aspect exploitability assessments and security reviews to address imperatives that determine reliability.

Web Application Security
  • Authentication and Session Management
  • Authorization and Access Control Design
  • Data Validation
  • Exploitable Information Leakage/ Reconnaissance risks
  • Transport Layer Protection and Cryptographic Key Storage
  • Code injection and cross-site scripting attacks
  • Error and Exception Handling
  • Business Logic Flaws
  • Payment Card Information Handling
  • Enabling invincibility through review of data transmission, processing and storage across servers and the front-end.
  • Strengthening your defense against cyber attackers that involve business logic flaws or misuse of customers’ trust for your brand.
  • Preparing the application environment for compliance audits and requirements.

Mobile Application Security Testing

Security Testing at Aleph Tav Technologies is responsive to developers’ need for speed. We help great design meet security. Mobile apps are prone to both inherent platform-based unpatched vulnerabilities and flaws in configuration or deployment.

Our teams have assessed over 100 popular Android apps with a view to rate their security posture. We apply this battle-hardened expertise to help validate that your brochure apps, utility apps, data apps and transactional apps are reliable through and through.

Mobile Application Security

Aspects of vulnerability discovery

  • Authentication Policy and Session Management
  • Authorization, Identity and Access Control Design
  • Data validation
  • Cryptographic Controls
  • Binary and Code Reverse Engineering Protection
  • API syncing and granularity of app permissions
  • Secure App Development and Code Review

Common weaknesses

  • Application Repackaging, Tapjacking and app impersonation
  • Client-side Testing –Injection and Resource manipulation.
  • Webkit Browser misconfiguration
  • Payment Card Handling
  • Assessing real world risk of exploitability using a combination of static and dynamic checks.
  • Delving deep into risks related to device identifiers and other authentication schemes.
  • Concurrent threat visibility throughout your testing phase and security policy hardening in production environments.