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Security testing at its best

Our vision is to help people and enterprises embrace technology whilst being fully aware of the danger that it can pose to their credibility and business

  • The odds might be against you

    The dark web might not be so dark after all. Post SilkRoad, it is now RealDeal and it will be someone else next. What it means is that if you are vulnerable, the exploits are not too far away


    Every move to modernize your organization, right from going digital to analytics and BYOD, it is imperative for you to ensure you have an efficient implementation, monitoring and control in place

  • Security is not a onetime activity

    Most breaches happen due to a lack of discipline in implementing security. With Analytics and Cloud, the security around user credentials plays a vital role. Talk to us to understand your organizations behavior pattern.

The Journey So Far

Why us?

Aleph Tav Technologies is an information security company with a global presence in the IT security industry.

Established in the year 2015 and headquartered in India (Chennai), we provide a wide portfolio of services in the continuous, real-time threat management, security information and event management and security posture assessment.

We strive to equip companies with risk awareness and preemptive counsel to help them put up a winning fight against threats to information security.

Whether your IT assets need security posture reviews or continuous threat defense, we have it covered. Our team of certified professionals comprising threat analysts, security researchers and perimeter security specialists deliver bespoke and comprehensive solutions.

Streamline secure operations with real-time monitoring, harden your apps just in time for release or get quickly assessed for compliance needs.

We work in collaboration with service providers in expanding their software testing capabilities.

Through strategic partnerships, we aim to build capacity by bringing in requisite skills and resources to handle today’s secure development challenges.

Partner with us to deliver cutting edge solutions in the DevSecOps paradigm.

Emerging business owners have their hands full with routine challenges that distract from security concerns. In furtherance of our mission to promote a culture of ‘security from scratch’, we work with SMBs and organizations in incubation to drive confidence and reliability.

We assist start-ups in their last mile with exclusive engagement models to facilitate hassle-free security risk management that, for a change, does not burn a hole in their pocket.

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